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Can Change Everything

Holistic wellbeing

Heya Wellness provides our customers and patients with plant-based medicine for holistic well-being.

Through our proprietary genetics, techniques, and gentle care for the cannabis plant, we’re able to create industry-leading products that enable your wellness to blossom.

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Park Hills

100 Strauss Drive
Park Hills, MO 63601

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St. Ann

10417A St Charles Rock Road
St. Ann, MO 63074

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St. Charles

4300 North Service Road
St. Peters, MO 63376

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The Cannabis Plant
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Indulge in a delightful fusion of flavor and relaxation with our cannabis-infused gummies. Crafted with precision, each gummy offers a precisely measured dose of THC, providing a deliciously convenient way to experience the benefits of cannabis. Whether seeking a moment of calm, a touch of euphoria, or simply a sweet treat, our cannabis gummies promise a delectable journey to elevate your mood and unwind. Explore a world of flavor and relaxation in every chew, perfectly dosed for your enjoyment.
Our Process


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Let’s start at the beginning. Heya’s quality starts at the source: high-quality seeds. Our team looks for medicinal-grade genetics to make a potent product for Missouri’s patients. The mother plant is grown from the selected seeds and cloned at scale for production.

Heya’s genetics are sourced from some of the industry’s leading breeders.

Our Process


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Our cloned females make their way to vegetation. Here they’ll develop strong root systems to provide the foundation for hearty, healthy plants.

Our Process


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Heya’s cultivation team transitions the now taller plants to the flower cycle. The first few weeks, known as “the stretch” are when plants can double, or triple their size during this time.

The cultivation team carefully tends to each and every plant until the point of harvest.

Our Process

Data-driven growth

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The cultivation team spends most of their day checking every single plant in the facility, seven days a week. Details about the plants’ irrigation, environmental controls like humidity levels, and other plant management data is carefully logged and consistently reviewed to identify trends and diagnose problems.

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